Lecture by Job Wouters

To open our All Eyes on Type festival, we’ve invited the infamous Job Wouters to talk about his work. You can expect to get some insights in his process, exclusive images and stories about his vision on the work field. Job always keeps amazing us!

Wallpainting by Job Wouters

Job Wouters (also known as Letman) is internationally known for his playful typographic work. He not only creates masterful decorative letters and typefaces, but also pioneers work that is hybrid of graphic design, screen printing, graffiti, illustration and painting. After his Saturday morning lecture, Job will start working on his wallpainting in the gallery of Worm. This wallpainting will exclusively be on show during the All Eyes on Type festival.

Sketchbook Session
with Guido de Boer

Guido always carries his sketchbook around, sketching for his assignments, for uncommissioned work or just to draw a couple of playful letters. Feel free to flip through the pages of one of his many sketchbooks and ask him anything you wonder.

Book presentation All Eyes on Type 2017

Bespoke book designer Nick Lutgerhorst collected all works made during our festival of 2017 and made a complete and handmade recap of our last edition. He will present it for the very first time.

Sketchbook Session with Luca Barcellona

Your favourite calligrapher’s favourite calligrapher? That’s Luca Barcellona! He’s internationally considered as one of the most important lettering artists working today. Take a look at his sketchbook full of drawings including commissioned work, personal projects and never-seen-before work. Don’t miss it, this might be your only chance to do so.

What kind of pen is that? with Hans Schuttenbeld

Calligraphy expert Hans Schuttenbeld will talk materials with you. Do you have any questions regarding the tools you are using? Bring them over! Hans will showcase his favourite material, ink and paper to work with and tell you why.

Lecture by Martin Majoor

Martin needs no introduction! Come and listen to him talking about his award-winning typefaces, like Scala, Seria and Nexus (to name a few). Martin’s a very experienced designer, that carries many stories with his long-lasting career. It must come as no surprise that we’re very excited about his addition to the line-up of our festival.

Lecture by Luca Barcellona

For many of today’s calligraphers and type enthusiasts Luca is the reason they’ve started their profession. He blends ancient calligraphic writing systems together with his contemporary graffiti styles. Let’s listen to his story.


Lecture by Underware

Underware is a graphic design studio specialised in designing and producing typefaces. Almost all of their typefaces are incredible in terms of style, technique or function. Some of our favourites; Liza, Bello, Fakir and Sauna. Their last typeface Zeitung is ideal for setting type, as it can be set in any thinkable weight or width. Wait what?! They’ll tell you more.

Pen Plotter Installation
by Bernd Volmer

Bernd Volmer is a type designer (currently working at Monotype) that we’ve been following since his days at Type Media in The Hague. Bernd shows how combining modern techniques with classic theories can lead to creative insights in your design process. His plotter machine produces calligraphic systems by using a broad nib pen. More room for experiments! Just how we like it.

Sketchbook Session
by Julien Priez / Boogypaper

We think Julien Priez is one of the best contemporary calligraphers of the world. He will present his sketchbook full of calligraphic experiments, colourful sketches and crazy detailed type. Feel free to ask him anything!

Sketchbook Session
with Vincent de Boer

Vincent’s work varies from legible letters, shapes of letters to abstract calligraphic drawings. With a background in graphic design, he is a master of both technical skill and composition. Not all of his experiments make the cut, but here’s your chance to see them all. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ask him how he does all of it.

Lecture by Contrast Foundry / Maria Doreuli

Maria studied at Moscow State University of Printing and later Mastered in Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. In 2013 she headed back to Russia, where she founded Contrast Foundry. Make sure to check out her typeface Chimera, a very distinctive reversed contrast typeface with a dynamic character. According to Maria “Her type design is where she goes wild!”.

Film Night by Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen & Guido de Boer

Rob en Guido present a talk show showcasing videos that less or more revolve around letters, type and typography (like the dutch show “Zomergasten”). For the people that don’t know the show, expect a fun evening filled with live observations and anecdotes about the film fragments.

Entire weekend

Peter Winkel + Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong

Smell the paint! Peter and Bruce will set up their workspace to do a live performance of signpainting. Feel free to interact with them during the process. Last years result was a wall filled with colourful typographic experiments. This time they’re coming with something new!

Jam Session by High on Type

The High on Type team presents: “The Jam Session”. Join the table, choose your weapon and your favourite paper and start experimenting. There will be different sessions throughout the day with several themes and games. The members of High on Type will accommodate you during the proces.

Broadcasts TypeRadio

Typeradio, the radio channel on type & design will make it’s come-back during All Eyes on Type 2018. Interviews with our guests, talks about type; It’s all live! And the best thing? You’re there to witness it all.

High on Type Shop

The High on Type collective presents their shop. Bigger, Badder and full of letters. Screenprints, Posters, T-shirts, Totebags and more. All work by the hands of ATTAK, Autograph, Guido de Boer, Hans Schuttenbeld, Ivo Brouwer, Julien Priez and Vincent de Boer. Make sure to bring enough money!

More to be announced...