Beginners Course

What will you learn?

In the beginners course on calligraphy, we’ll discuss the basics of calligraphy. You’ll learn more on the returning elements of the alphabet and we’ll show you the start of letter contrasts. Furthermore, we will get hands-on with a flat paintbrush. A whole bunch ‘o techniques to kickstart your calligraphy and typography knowledge!

We divided the course in six levels where we combined the letters with matching elements. Learning to understand those elements, the letter contrast and getting used to our tools will bring us to the final work: a full calligraphic Roman alphabet.

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For this basic course the level is beginner. This allows everyone to participate with enough enthusiasm. Are you ready to learn the main basis of calligraphy? Then sign up here.


We have all the necessary materials for the course. Do you have a great book, brush or anything else you want to share with us? Take it!

What exactly will I learn?

During this course you will learn the basics of calligraphy. How does a flat brush work, how the alphabet consists of the elements and how letter contrast is created. Curious about this knowledge? Then sign up quickly, because this course is only given on the 13th of May this year!

Can I join with my level?

Because the level of this course beginner, everyone can join in! Besides sufficient concentration there is no previous knowledge required. See you on Sunday, May 13th, on the second edition of All Eyes on type!

Register for the workshop here